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The Metapress Jasmine Raznahan About the Metapress 02pp A4 2009-Jun-24 14:37:33
A-E: Glossary Excerpt Wayne Daly An 8 page document excerpted from
William Barnes and Jacob Poole's
'A Glossary With Some Pieces of Verse', extracting the first 18 pages of Poole's dictionary of the Yola language
08pp A4 2009-Jun-20 20:49:26
In Other Words... OK-RM (Oliver Knight
& Rory McGrath)
A booklet comprising of 7 sentences exercising 16 new words that have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year 05pp A4 2009-Jun-19 19:58:44
Whoops! or 01010111 01010111 01010111 01010111 01010111 01010111 Ted Lovett An investigation into digital liminality or the inbetweens of the World Wide Web 48pp A5 2009-Jun-17 23:33:20
Eco Tips Sara De Bondt
& Chris Svensson
A to-do list for ecological graphic design, compiled for the Barbican's 'Radical Nature' exhibition 01pp A4 2009-Jun-15 16:46:26
Modern Life Is Rubbish Lottie Crumbleholme A collection of copyright free images from recent projects for you to reuse
as you will
16pp A5 2009-Jun-14 01:00:30
Economic Design Zak Kyes An interview that is part of an ongoing conversation between Zak Kyes and Hans Ulrich Obrist. It took place by email
and SMS on April 9, 2009
08pp A6 2009-Jun-13 19:52:59
Harry Alistair Webb A type specimen 20pp A5 2009-Jun-10 18:12:11
Ground Zero Zero (A Study of Colour as Architecture) James Goggin An investigation of the links and contrasts between colour as spiritual void and the codification (and
commodification) of colour
32pp A5 2009-Jun-05 23:35:14

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